Version 2.0.3

Download for Windows
Windows 7+, Installer with JRE  
Size: 28,928,491 Bytes
SHA: b095b1fe8245e45973cd585872f58d87b7e1edcb
Portable Archive (7z)
Windows 7+  
Size: 28,654,904 Bytes
SHA: cf951a63a3fb5667fc8e1370215e1f3b7198cb2e
Download for macOS
macOS 10.9 - 10.13, Archive (dmg)  
Size: 58,575,868 Bytes
SHA: 58b078b9709828b20807c85927e61e40df9d6697
Download for Linux
Linux, Archive (tar.gz)  
Size: 10,097,191 Bytes
SHA: 9f462e477b0f2527c34b8a27a9b9fe45f8e4da06
Debian package (deb)
Size: 10,097,616 Bytes
SHA: a949aaa2486bfcdff84cbd99fb5a0af9d3c19d88

Installation Instructions


  • if you have an older DeepGit version installed, exit DeepGit (use Project|Exit; there should be no more DeepGit tray icon),
  • unpack the downloaded file,
  • launch the installer and follow the instructions


  • if you have an older DeepGit version installed, quit DeepGit,
  • open the downloaded file (e.g. by double clicking it) and move the application directory structure to a directory of your choice (typically /Applications)
  • if you prefer, drag & drop the application to the dock to create an icon


  • unpack the downloaded file into a directory of your choice,
  • ensure, that the correct Java Runtime Environment is installed on your system,
  • start the application by using the launcher script from the bin directory

If the application fails to start, e.g. because you have an incompatible Java Runtime Environment version in your path or DeepGit does not find it, please create ~/.deepgit/deepgit.vmoptions and add the line (and adding the correct path):


To create an icon in your menus, invoke in the bin directory. To remove the menu item, invoke in the bin directory.

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